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About was created with the simple goal of providing users a free and easy mechanism to support local causes.  By shopping in the online mall, users are able to support a cause they care about each time they shop online.

We believe that there are many worthy causes serving the needs of people in Syracuse and Central New York, but that people cannot contribute to each and every worthy cause.  But through the use of our online mall, users can, for no additional cost, make a difference for a cause they are free to choose.  By allowing users the ability to add their own causes, we are able to bring some attention to smaller causes, and hopefully be able to ultimately provide some additional funding to these causes.

While we understand that each purchase made in our online mall, by itself, will not result in a significant donation to a cause, we do believe the aggregation of lots of smaller transactions can, and will, make a difference. 

We believe that if you are going to shop online, why not also help an organization you care about at the same time.  Sure, you have to use the online mall, but your extra clicks can help an organization of your choosing accomplish their mission. 

We also offer customized online malls for organizations or companies looking to create rewards programs or otherwise improve their relationships with their customers.  Learn more here.

Founded by David Schneid, a native of Camillus, extends the online mall concept created when he launched, which provides cashback rebates to individuals as well as organizations.   

Feel free to contact David directly at:

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All organizations, non-profits, charities, and other causes listed on have been listed by visitors and members of with the knowledge that any donation resulting from a purchase at the online mall will be for the benefit of the selected cause.
A listing on does not mean that endorses that cause, nor does it mean the cause endorses
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