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Supporting local causes through online shopping.

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1) ShopforSyracuse provides users the ability to support a cause of their choosing through their online shopping. A user must use a link found on the website and complete a purchase with the merchant in order for their cause to benefit.

2) provides users the ability to support a cause of their choosing. In addition, users are free to add additional causes for their own use and for the use of other users. ShopforSyracuse does not represent listed causes.

3) A listing on does not imply endorsement of by the cause, nor does it imply endorses that cause.

4) Users use the online mall willingly, and have the opportunity to select any listed cause or add their own.

5) Users understand that individual donations for a specific cause will be aggregated for the benefit of each specific cause, and that a minimum of $25 must be attributable to each cause before makes a donation to the cause.

6) User understands that donations to specific causes will be made by and that their purchases that result in donations are not tax deductible for the user.

7) reserves the right to remove any listed cause.

8) Users understand that ShopforSyracuse.comís business is providing an online mall experience. In return for user purchases, will make a designated donation to the cause a user selects.

9) Users who add a cause agree to receive our email newsletters.


Support Camillus Youth Hockey

Support ESF Alumni Student Scholarships

Support the C-Club

Support Fr. Champlin's Guardian Angel Society


All organizations, non-profits, charities, and other causes listed on have been listed by visitors and members of with the knowledge that any donation resulting from a purchase at the online mall will be for the benefit of the selected cause.
A listing on does not mean that endorses that cause, nor does it mean the cause endorses
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